Stop Coal Seam Gas

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December 2015 Raffle Prize Winners

Congratulations to the winners of three great paintings by Aboriginal story-teller and artist, Ron Ellem. 1st prize: Melissa Haswell, 2nd prize: Alison Flint and 3rd prize: Margaret Armstrong. Proceeds are going to the George Bender Foundation.

Upcoming Events

Every Friday, 10am-3pm
Crown Street Mall, Wollongong. Map
Stop CSG stall
Come and say hello at our weekly stall in the Wollongong market. Even better – stop a while and join the Illawarra Knitting Nannas Against Gas!
Every fourth Sunday, 9am-2pm
Coledale Public School. Map
Stop CSG stall
Check out the Stop CSG stall at Coledale markets… grab a T-shirt, bumper sticker, bookmarks and other Stop CSG stuff at any of our stalls.