Who does the NSW government work for?

It’s increasingly difficult to understand just how the NSW government (and, while we’re at it, other state governments and the federal government) can justify any course of action other than a complete halt to coal seam gas mining, until the outcome of a thorough, independent review.

Some things are more important than money – such as a liveable environment and drinkable water

On an almost daily basis, reports of concerns and warnings from the scientific community in Australia and around the world make headline news. Blown out wells, contamination, poisoned water systems… even earthquakes. Just how bad does it have to get before our governments will act?

The standard excuse from Barry O’Farrell, the NSW Premier, is that licenses were granted by the previous government (“Don’t blame us, we inherited this”) – and that revoking those licenses or halting coal seam gas mining now would cost the NSW tax payer too much in compensation.

We say, firstly, that there are some things more important than money – such as a liveable environment and drinkable water. And, secondly, that any compensation due is highly likely to cost a lot less now than later, once untold damage has been wreaked.

Clearly, the community has spoken on this subject. It’s hard to find anyone that has looked seriously at the issue and does not support a moratorium. At the recent Walk For Water, 3,000 people turned out in protest at a remote site in the Illawarra to call for just that.

It all begs the simple question “just who does the government work for?” We put that question to the NSW government in this video featuring the community at the Sea Cliff Bridge Walk. We look forward to the government’s response… (Sorry mobile device users, but due to YouTube music copyright issues it may not play on your device)

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