Does ANYONE know what’s going on?

No gas company and amazingly, no Government, has a complete picture of the industry

For a controversial industry with such far-reaching and potentially deadly-serious implications, the lack of information on CSG mining, at every level, is astonishing.

In a January 11, 2012 article for the Australian Mining website – described as an online space where the mining community can share ideas and upload news and information – the journalist involved uncovered some alarming information; or more accurately, an alarming lack of information.

Andrew Duffy set out to tell the story of charges by APPEA of misinformation on the ABC’s Coal Seam Gas by the Numbers website. He wrote:

“when Australian Mining rang up the APPEA to ask how they knew the ABC was wrong and they were right the response we got was a little unexpected. The APPEA said they didn’t have their own figures to quote from, but knew the ABC had got it wrong because other gas companies had told them so.”

If this is starting to smell a little fishy at this point you’d probably best hold your nose firmly before continuing. Duffy went on to say:

“APPEA aren’t the only ones lacking a detailed record of Australian CSG. No gas company, industry body, and amazingly, no Government, has a complete picture of the industry.”

…And this from a journalist working for a pro-industry publication.

Meanwhile, seemingly flying blind, the NSW Government continues to grant approvals for new wells. Here in the Illawarra this includes a further well on Sydney Water Catchment Authority Special Area land.

If it wasn’t so serious it would be laughable.

Footnote: Andrew Duffy’s article is ultimately pro-industry and he concludes it tellingly: “…only then will the industry expand without groups like Lock the Gate capitalising on the information shortage.” But here Andrew misses the whole point, highlighting the divide between the two sides with unintentional irony. Lock The Gate and many other groups around the country opposed to CSG comprise thousands of individuals volunteering their time and efforts with no purpose other than to preserve the health and future of their community. Indeed, Stop CSG Illawarra campaigns for an immediate moratorium on CSG, until the outcome of a Royal Commission – the highest level public inquiry – and a ban on fracking. We leave all the “capitalising” to the industry that pays him to write for them.

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