Human Sign: Protect H2O, Stop CSG!

Protect H2O Stop CSG! Human Sign

21 October 2012: Over 3,000 people rally in the Illawarra to spell out: “Protect H20, Stop CSG!”

Following a slew of broken promises by the state government last month, and a failure to rule out CSG development in drinking water catchments, people across the Illawarra came out in force once again.

It’s astonishing that this community is having to fight the state government to protect our water supply.

Watch the inspiring video of the action:

Before the election, Barry O’Farrell stated his government would “ensure that mining cannot occur… in any water catchment area, and will ensure that mining leases and mining exploration permits reflect that common sense approach; no ifs, no buts, a guarantee.” – a clear, unequivocal promise. Despite this, the NSW government has continued to encourage the development of CSG, including new approvals in our drinking water catchment areas. They are now considering a proposal to restart the Illawarra CSG project.

The campaign across the Illawarra and the state is showing no signs of slowing. Locally, a freeze on the approved project has been won. And while it’s past time a freeze on the industry and a ban in the drinking water catchment were reflected in policy, it’s clear the campaign must continue and grow. The price of the alternative is far too high.

WIN TV News coverage of the day:

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