Sign the water catchment petition

Save our water catchments!

We’re simply asking our Premier to keep his word.

Anyone in NSW concerned about protecting our drinking water catchments from potentially destructive coal seam gas mining is strongly encouraged to download this new petition [PDF], fill it with signatures and mail it back as soon as possible.

We applaud the Premier’s unambiguous pre-election commitment to protect our drinking water catchments. But it’s not escaped our notice that he’s failed to keep it. Why has he and his government not only continued to support the development of CSG but approved new CSG exploration activities within our drinking water catchment areas?

The state government debates any community petition of 10,000 or more signatures. This is a way to raise awareness that CSG development is approved in NSW drinking water catchments, to call our politicians to account and trigger a debate in parliament.

Please, take action and download the petition [PDF] now.

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