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Don’t miss out on important news and updates from your campaign to stop coal seam gas in the Illawarra!

It’s hard staying on top of everything with so much vying for attention… but please, please don’t miss out on important updates from the campaign. It’s difficult to imagine anything more important than ensuring a clean drinking water supply and a future free of environmental destruction.

There’s now a new and easy way to make sure you get important news and updates in your facebook newsfeed. We’ve launch a brand new facebook page. Please go there and hit the ‘Like’ now!

It features the highlights of the campaign so far and from now on will be a GREAT way to get important updates fast, right within facebook. We won’t be posting heaps of stuff (just key items), so to make sure you don’t miss anything please do the following:

  • ‘Like’ the page
  • Back in your facebook news feed you should see the most recent post appear straight away… click the grey [V] icon that appears on the right of the post when you hover over it…
  • Select “All updates”

… that way you can make sure you don’t miss anything important as it happens.

Also… are you subscribed to our email newsletter? If not, why not! It’s free, occasional (i.e. not spammy) and a great way to keep up to date on the campaign.

And make sure you join the 750+ members of the Stop CSG Illawarra facebook group and keep the conversation rolling!

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