Apex CSG Application Refused!

Common sense prevails… for now.

Today we learned that the Planning Assessment Commission has refused Apex Energy’s application to drill 16 CSG wells in and around the drinking water catchment for greater Sydney.

This is huge win for the campaign to stop CSG and protect our water!

It is the result of the extraordinary and tireless efforts of so many in the Illawarra community. It is the result of a powerful community campaign that has brought people together in their thousands to stand up for what’s right.

We’ve been planning to blockade – to protect the drinking water of over 4.5 million people from CSG development – but this decision means drilling cannot happen at this time. But we are celebrating winning a battle, not the war…

CSG licences still cover the Illawarra and the fact is that the Government still supports CSG development and fracking. The legislation still permits CSG exploration and mining in the drinking water catchment. In December last year the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure recommended approval of Apex Energy’s application, the same one refused by the Planning Assessment Commission.

The campaign to protect land and water – to put science before development – will continue. We will continue to insist that Barry O’Farrell keep his clear election promise and ban CSG development in drinking water catchments.

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