Potential Applications of Graphene Aerogel: Do They Surprise You?

Do you know what solid material is lighter than the air? Without further ado the answer is graphene aerogel. Its unique properties promise a wide range of applications, very interesting also because it is eco-friendly. Let's learn more about it!
Photo graphene aerogel

Graphene Aerogel Characteristics

To understand how it can be used let us present this nowadays most hyped material. These are its astonishing features:

  • It is 3D structured
  • It impresses with low density and high porosity.
  • It is incredibly lightweight so it can be placed on the flower petals.
  • Despite its low weight, it’s stronger than steel.

After Knowing Graphene Aerogel It Seems Impossible to Go on Without!

It quickly became a fundamental for many modern developments starting from space suite improvements and thermal sportswear, to non-toxic fast charging batteries or new generation of LED bulbs. Let's have a closer look.

NASA's New Favourite

You have probably heard about planned Mars explorations and eventual colonization. Anyway, the very next step would be to send the first astronauts to the red planet. However, this requires creation of the equipment such as shuttle and space suites which would protect the astronauts from cosmic radiation. The research now focuses on graphene shielding abilities to guarantee the most safe suit possible for the next missions!

By the way, in another NASA's programme, graphene is studied as a potential new material for space antennas. Ideally they would be 3D-printed. Why graphene? It would definitely reduce the weight and volumes of antennas. It is also much more resistant to oxidation than currently used silver.

Sport in Extreme Condition

And why not!? With graphene aerogel thermal sportswear could be really possible. According to the research, it might be resistant even in very hostile conditions as -196°C. For your interest, the use of thermal properties of graphene for sportswear production is nothing new. At the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021, the national cycling team of Netherlands was dressed in graphene-based shirts. They relied on their ability to absorb the heat and then dissipate it. Guess what, Annemiek van Vleuten won a gold medal.

Environmentally Friendly Energy Storing Devices

Can't stand when it takes a long time to charge your phone battery? You might be enthusiastic about the graphene super-fast charging ones! They would offer even higher performance after extensive use. The researchers don't limit their focus just on small batteries for electronics like cell phones, laptops and so on. These powerful energy storage devices would be used also for electric cars. This could make them convenient for more drivers and result in much more eco transport!

Let the LED Bulb Shine

Good news, LED bulbs with filament coated in graphene are already available. Why should you be interested in buying them? Here are some of their benefits! They are energy saving; it was proved the carbon coating reduces required energy by 10%. Graphene helps dissipate the heat, these bulbs are then much more resistant and brighter. Because of their efficiency you can subsequently save quite an interesting amount of money!

Already now we can talk about better electronics, batteries or easier space exploration because of graphene aerogel. However, the range of its applications still needs to be studied. Anyway, we can't wait for all these fantastic gadgets coming in the next few years! 

Are there any inventions you miss to make your life easier? Untamed your fantasy and share with us what the scientist should come up with!

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